StsRoyal Review: Get Everything You Want in an Investment Platform


Why is the choice of an online investing firm such a big deal? If you have any intention of becoming a trader, you should know that these traders serve as your gateway into the trading world. You need their services and platform to establish your career and fulfill your financial goals. Thus, your choice of investing firm can have a huge impact on your future as a trader. If you make the wrong choice, you could end up regretting your decision for a long time to come as it may just wipe away your investment. But, if you are smart and you pick a good one, you will be able to have a wonderful experience and see your profits increase in no time.

In your search for trustworthy and secure investment firms, one name will pop up repeatedly; StsRoyal. There is a good reason why this investment firm will be mentioned time and again. It has worked to develop a sophisticated and innovative investment platform, gives traders the opportunity to trade in numerous financial markets, has a comprehensive education center, some of the best and accurate investment tools and account options to suit a trader, no matter what their investment style or requirement. If that wasn’t enough, the investment firm has also kept its charges to a minimum.

Suffice it to say, both new and experienced traders alike will fine StsRoyal the perfect fit for their investment needs. How? Let’s take a look:

- StsRoyal offers a versatile investment platform

The investment firm has designed an innovative and robust investment platform that can provide its traders with considerable flexibility during investment. Some of the best investment tools in the market such as economic calendar and advanced charts have been integrated with their investment platform to help people in making profitable investment decisions. The platform has a comprehensive dashboard that allows trades to be made with just one click. It can be downloaded easily on your desktop and will run smoothly to ensure you can execute your trades without any hassles.

You can also enjoy the freedom of the mobile investment platform that StsRoyal has designed for its clientele. Since it has become the new trend for people to use their phones for doing pretty much everything, the investment firm has created a mobile version that comes with the same features as the desktop version and automatically adapts to the screen size to ensure you have a positive experience. It is available for Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded with ease.

- StsRoyal has a practice account 

One of the greatest features of the investment firm that appeals to traders worldwide is the fact that it gives them access to a practice account. StsRoyal has created a demo account that can be created for free, which can be used for practicing your investment strategies with virtual money. In this way, you are not risking your hard earned money and can experience the market in real-time as well as learn how to use investment tools. This can be immensely useful in minimizing your future losses.

- StsRoyal is a regulated investment firm

When you do a search for investment firms online; you will find two categories, which are of regulated and unregulated investment firms. What is the difference? Regulated investment firm are those that are answerable to an authority, which means they are subject to rules, regulations and guidelines. Clearly, they are a safer option as compared to unregulated investment firms that do not answer to anyone and don’t have any rules to follow, except their own. StsRoyal Ltd is a company powered by Starland Ltd. and Registered in Marshall Island., which is authorized to offer investment of Contracts of Difference (Cfd) on cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, currencies and indices.. The investment firm is regulated by The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) and is fully licensed. This is how it is able to offer a 100% safe and secure investment environment to all its customers.

- StsRoyal gives more than 1,000 assets to trade

The investment world is huge; there are a plethora of financial instruments that belong to different asset classes. Each of them have different levels of liquidity, volatility and require a different level of investment. You may wish to specialize in one asset class in particular or you may want to dabble in multiple markets at the same time. Regardless of your goal, you can use StsRoyal to fulfill your needs because the investment firm gives you access to 1,000 world-class assets that are spread across numerous financial markets.

You can choose to trade stocks with StsRoyal as it has provided its users with the option of buying shares of renowned publicly traded companies, including the likes of Apple, Google and more. The investment firm provides you with leverage and gives you access to advanced tools that can make stock investment a tad more interesting for you. If you want a little risky option, Forex is the way to go. This is the biggest financial market in the world and StsRoyal enables you to trade popular and exotic currency pairs, including GBP, USD, EUR and JPY.

Apart from these markets, you can also trade financial instruments in the commodities market. Here, StsRoyal gives you the option of investment precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and copper or you can also go for soft commodities like coffee, corn, oil or gas, as per your preference. Indices are another option and the best thing about StsRoyal is that it gives you access to some of the market’s top indices like NASDAQ, FTSE and DOW JONES.

One of the most in-demand financial instrument for investment is none other than cryptocurrency. It has grown exponentially since the boom it experienced in 2017 and so lots of traders are interested in taking advantage. As a result, StsRoyal has added some of the most notable cryptocurrencies to its platform, which include Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ripple. You can find them at the best rates and benefit from the competitive spreads available. The investment firm offers plenty of investment tools to enhance your decision-making and help you in profiting from your investment. Also, there are no hidden transaction fee or any other similar charges that you need to worry about.

- StsRoyal provides a variety of payment solutions

Obviously, when you have decided to trade with a investment firm, you will need money. The problem with most investment firms is that adding and withdrawing money is very complicated and this can often make it difficult for traders to participate. StsRoyal has attempted to simplify this process by offering its customers several ways of adding funds to their account with the investment firm as well as for withdrawing. First and foremost, there is the traditional method i.e. bank wire transfers, which can be used. These are quite secure, but do take a couple of business days to process.

The investment firm has also included credit and debit cards, which are quick and efficient, but do include some charges when you use them for withdrawals. Another convenient payment solution is e-transfers, which are quite easy to make and also immediate, which is a definite bonus. One thing all traders should note is that they have to use the same method for deposit that they use for withdrawal. Also, if you are using your credit card, you have to provide a scanned picture of its front and back for verification before it can be used.

Deposits are usually free of charge, but withdrawals incur a cost and take a little while to process. There is also a minimum withdrawal limit applicable, depending on the method you use.

- StsRoyal gives a choice in account types 

If you want to trade via StsRoyal, you will first need to create an account with the investment firm. This means choose one account type from the list provided by the investment firm. The requirements for every account vary and you can choose one, depending on your experience and skill, the funds you are willing to invest and the features you wish to access. The minimum deposit requirement for an account is $250 or its equivalent in GBP or EUR. For the top level account, you have deposit at least $25,000.

The features StsRoyal has to offer depend on the account you select. Some common ones include access to their education center, 24/6 customer support, ability to view webinars, check price alerts and a welcome bonus, although the bonus percentage is different. Extras that you can enjoy in senior level accounts include junior and senior account manager, trading signals, competitive spreads, exclusive training, and VIP account manager and even personalized investment strategies. You can opt for an account type that’s in accordance with your investment style and the experience you have under your belt.

- StsRoyal has a detailed education center 

Knowledge can make a major difference in your success in the investment world. If you are new, it is a given that you will make mistakes until you get a hang of the market. But, you will only be able to learn from them when you know what you are looking for. This is where the education center at StsRoyal comes in. It offers a wide selection of learning materials that can be used by all traders, no matter how experienced they are, to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the market.

They have accumulated exclusive educational videos that can assist you in mastering your investment expertise and skills. These video courses cover different kinds of investment, such as CFD trading, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading and more. They also have an extensive collection of e-books and investment guides that can teach you the ins and outs of investing and help you go from being a newbie to a skilled and professional trader. Access to this education center is made available for free in every single account offered by StsRoyal. The webinars they offer are also quite knowledgeable and you can get insights from the experts in the markets.

- StsRoyal has top notch security 

One of the biggest risks of online investing is that you have to share your personal and financial information with someone. Considering the various cyber-attacks that have happened in the past and the information that’s been compromised, it is natural for people to be nervous. StsRoyal can put your mind at ease by offering you some of the best security you would expect in an online investment firm. As mentioned above, it is a registered and regulated entity, which already minimizes the risk considerably.

Moreover, the investment firm has incorporated the highest SSL encryption for keeping your data under wraps and out of the hands of hackers or any other third parties. This level of encryption is usually used by banks, which makes it quite secure. They also monitor their platform regularly to reduce chances of any theft or fraud. Segregated accounts are used for storing money that belongs to the traders, which keeps it safe. StsRoyal also has a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy in place under which each trader has to verify their identity by submitting proof of ID and address before they are allowed to trade with the investment firm.

- StsRoyal has commendable customer support 

The FAQ section provided by the investment firm is one of the most comprehensive and thorough you will find. It covers all major and minor elements. You can also reach out to StsRoyal’s representatives through live chat, email or phone for getting answers to your queries. They are friendly and professional and will respond to you quickly to help you out.

For traders who are looking to boost their income in other ways, StsRoyal also offers a partner program in which you can become an affiliate. Every time you refer someone to the investment firm, you get paid and this can increase the profits you earn. The availability of some of the most advanced and cutting edge investment tools also give traders an advantage when investing with StsRoyal. You can make better and smarter decisions as you are able to see a complete picture of the market and have a profitable and smooth investing experience with StsRoyal.