ECHARTAR Trading Platform - Echartar for Well Informed Trading


You don’t always have to look at the most expensive trading platforms for trying your trading skills in the stock market or forex. Some softwares are quite inexpensive and provide a lot of features that could help you do safe investment down the road. Echartar is one of those softwares. This is not the most popular software and might not be the most recognized around the world but this software features some great options too. It fits the bill and provides you all that is necessary to have in order to trade safely in the stock market. The software is improving with time and you can see the new versions coming out on a regular basis too.

Echartar, as the name suggests, is more focused on charts and using charts for investing in the investment markets. The software is known for being very user-friendly so even the new traders can use it with no hassle. The software offers you customizable data feeds so you can always arrange the data according to your suitability. Echartar is meant for PC users and so people who have MAC won’t be able to take advantage of this software. A drawback for this software is that it is not currently available for mobile devices so people who want to have trading software mainly to use on their computers might find it to be the best fit.

The market covered by the software is India so it is highly recommended for the people from that region. The data speed is not the fastest but still good enough to keep you trading safely and execute your orders in time. The software allows you trade in stocks, futures, ETFs and mutual funds. Real-time screening is not the best of its features but it does offer some great watch-list options to the users. Another drawback of the software is the missing analysis and news from various sources so the users have to rely on third party softwares and applications for those purposes. You can view multiple charts and there are dozens of indicators integrated on the software for your help. There are currently over 32 indicators that you can view on the software.