Roiteks Broker Review

Roiteks is a relatively new FX trading broker, but their founders have decades of experience navigating the financial markets, and seeing as how they already serve clients in over 70 countries around the world, it’s safe to say is on the rise.

Roiteks has offices in London and in Seychelles, where they are regulated. What I personally like about Roiteks is the fact that they make education – more specifically the importance of building capital – a top priority.


To open an account, Roiteks requires a $250 initial deposit and allows a minimum investment amount of $10 per trade. Unfortunately they only accept three types of currencies for deposits: USD, EUR, and GBP.

Trading Floor

Roiteks offers over 150 trading assets covering various currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices. On their trading floor they utilize the popular SpotOption platform for executing trades.

As with any FX broker using the FX platform, Roiteks is able to offer four types of FX contracts, including high or low, one touch, range and hyper options. Long term contracts with expiry times lasting several days are only offered on high or low options. The payout returns for Roiteks options range from 65% to 89%.

The design is clear, easy to use, has fast loading speeds, and it’s easy to navigate to any of their 150 offered assets without experiencing any glitches or interruptions. This is great because a number of brokers have a problem with price slippage on their platforms, price slippage can severely impact your trading performance and profits.

Final Thoughts

While Roiteks is nowhere near to becoming the number one FX broker in the world, they are definitely a nice alternative option for traders looking for a new broker who offers variety and promotes trading education. Roiteks is a decent broker with something to offer the right investor.

If you’re new to FX trading then here’s what you ought to follow to make profits with CDFs:

  • Get a signaling service
  • Make sure you know technical indicator usage
  • Trade your stock before you trade FX
  • Track performance in all FX security
  • Always purchase the correct option length for the style of your trading

But that’s very basic and certainly not what I followed. Instead I used my own technique to turn $500 into $1,629 trading FX with ROITEKS FX broker and using the quality trading platform within 24 hours! Amazing isn’t it?

I know it sounds too good to be true but my strategy is invincible and I believe those who use it will never have to worry about a loss. Its lower risk than trading with other FX brokers because you get a personal “mentoring” service with ROITEKS and allows you to double and triple your money in no time at all. I can show you how you can make about a 10% profit on your money.

Remember you need consistent money and not that $1500 in 60 seconds strategy. So here’s how you can begin:

  • Register with ROITEKS trader and open an account with ROITEKS ( it is essential that you open your account with this platform because it offers you a horde of features that you need to make good money)
  • Deposit $500 in your account
  • Check on the type of trading options the platform allows you
  • Choose the one that allows you to predict market limitations for a certain barrier over a period of time. Make sure you get to select the barrier yourself and adjust the percentage of return profit.
  • Choose to trade in Forex because this option is what allows you to achieve daily targets where profit is concerned.
  • Place your trade and monitor
  • Don’t sell your trade prematurely
  • Use data from high end trading news sources to update your strategy and double your money