Is there Really a Difference Between Trading Stocks and Gambling or Playing the Lottery

Stock trading is typically seen as the wiser way to spend excess money. People always say to invest your money for the hope of a profit, but is that really any different than the often demonized gambling? When investing in stock trading, you’re putting your money on the line with no guaranteed return and it’s seen as a responsible, positive choice. When gambling or playing the lottery, you’re putting your money on the line with no guaranteed return and it’s seen as irresponsible, a waste, and immoral. Is there really a difference between stock trading and gambling? Let’s find out.

Why is one bad and the other good

Stock trading and investing are usually seen as good because you’re putting your money into the hands of a businessman who can further the economy with the development of a new product or service. It’s positively affecting the whole economy. Gambling, however, is seen as throwing away your money. Your chances of a return tend to be lower when gambling as opposed to stock trading and a lot of religions frown upon gambling.

Investing is productive, while gambling is frivolous

Gambling is a form of entertainment and is often used as a vice like drugs and alcohol. Stock trading and investing, however, are productive business ventures wherein the odds are working for you not against you. Another way stock trading tends to be seen as more productive is that you are typically saving with a certain goal in mind, which isn’t often the case with gambling. People choose to invest or take part in stock trading to save money for retirement or their children’s college educations. If the odds were more in your favor for gambling, it could be seen as being as productive as investing, but alas, they are not. Gambling is also rooted in emotions and luck, while stock trading and investing are rooted in research, knowledge, and skill.

Investing can be long-term, while gambling is instant

Gambling will give you instant satisfaction or disappointment, but either way you go to the casino or you buy a Mega Millions ticket, the winners are announced, and that’s that. With investing or stock trading, your money can keep working for you and keep earning for you for years to come if your smart about what you invest in. This can get you much more money in the long run.

While, on the surface, stock trading and gambling may seem very similar, in reality they are not. The responsible and productive qualities of stock trading positively outweigh the frivolous and risky qualities of gambling. Through stock trading, you can benefit from a long-term payout, if you invest wisely.

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