BinarEx by Tradologic

BinarEx Regulated Binary Options Exchange by Tradologic: A Great Opportunity


BinarEx is basically a new regulated binary options exchange initiated by Tradologic– a well known trading platform provider – with the collaboration of many financial regulatory bodies in Europe. It is being released on 14 November 2016 at the Finance Magnates London Summit. BinarEx Exchange model matches two traders into an exchange. This way a seller and a buyer mutually agree on a proposed price and the broker takes a little fee as its commission.

This model has been designed to create more transparency between brokers and investors. This will also put the industry of binary options under a secure umbrella. BinarEx Regulated Binary Options Exchange actually followed the news of complaints sent to the FMSA in Belgium to impose a ban on binary options and forex trading.

According to Tradologic, BinarEx is a feasible trading model which gives a completely clean set of terms and conditions to all of parties involved in trading. This model will be under strict scrutiny through frequent inspections from regulatory bodies. It’s good to hear that Tradologic has received an extremely positive response and feedback from all stakeholders, especially from regulatory bodies.

Another important thing about BinarEx is that success of any exchange trade will rely upon market liquidity. If the volume is very low, the deal will not be matched. High liquidity with a firm on the scale of Tradologic involved will give a good opportunity of making deal to traders.

There are several benefits of BinarEx. For instance, now traders can get better prices and returns too. On the other side, brokers securely earn their commission for the service rendered, either their client makes money or bears a loss. Thus, Tradologic is not only providing a viable solution to problems of traders but also the concerns of regulatory bodies. Retail traders in the United States already use exchange traded binary options. Nadex, NYSE and Cantor Exchange offer the products regulated by the CFTC in the country.

In the context of very high risk in binary options trading, many experts have suggested different models in the past but none was perfect. A perfect system is always a result of several modifications. However, BinarEx is better than all of solutions that have been suggested so far because of its security features. That’s why people not only traders and brokers but also regulators have expressed their trust on BinarEx and are waiting eagerly for its release on 14 and 15 November.